VitalSource Bookshelf Android app: Accessibility tips

The VitalSource Bookshelf is a free and accessible app for reading EPUB files on Android devices. Check out the DAISYpedia article VitalSource Bookshelf App for Android: Quick Start Guide to know more about its features, user interface & book sideloading.

Accessibility tips

The Bookshelf app supports all the common touch gestures and works like any other standard app. This app is also very accessible with the Talkback screen reader and Magnifier function available in the Android devices.

All the buttons and controls in the app are properly labeled for the screen reader. The app can be used with Bluetooth keyboards when the Talkback screen reader is running. This app has passed all the fundamental accessibility tests (100% score) on The accessibility limitations include the inability to consistently change granularity in a book reader, or add highlights or notes.

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