Video tutorials: Using Save As DAISY

Original Author(s): Craig Mill

Create a DAISY Book from Word

In this Load 2 Learn project all the steps from downloading Save As DAISY to creation of a DAISY book are demonstrated.

Introduction to the Save as DAISY Add-in: Part 1

Learn how to download and install the Save as DAISY add-in.

Using the Save as DAISY Add-in: Part 2

In this tutorial we explore the main features of the Save as DAISY Add-in and learn how to convert a document to a DAISY digital talking book.

Using a DAISY Reader: Part 3

This tutorial includes information on how to use a DAISY reader to play back the publication you have created with the Save as DAISY add-in.

Setting the Default TTS Voice for the Save as DAISY Add-In: Part 4

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