ANSI/NISO Z39.86 Standard also known as DAISY 3

The DAISY/NISO 2005-2 Standard or DAISY 3 was first approved in 2002 as ANSI/NISO Z39.86. It supports the production of further enhanced DAISY DTBs. The DAISY Consortium is the designated maintenance agency for DAISY/NISO 2005-2. A DAISY 3 full-audio, full-text book is composed of:

  • a DTB package file (.opf), which contains metadata and the list of the other files
  • a navigation control file (.ncx), basically the table of content
  • a DTBook file (.xml) which contains the textual content
  • a set of audio files (wav, mp3)
  • a set of SMIL files (to synchronize the different media, text and audio)

DAISY 3 allows for modular extensions. For example, MathML in DAISY is the key that allows access to mathematical notation such as complex equations. Future extensions to the DAISY Standard will provide keys to access images, charts, graphs, and video.

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