Tobi: Create text-only DAISY books

Original Author(s): Prashant Ranjan Verma

Tobi is primarily designed to create multimedia books in DAISY or EPUB 3 format. However, Tobi can also be used to create text-only DAISY books.

If you have a DTBook XML file such as the one created using the Save as DAISY add-in or a full-text full-audio DAISY 3 book, then you can use Tobi to create a text only DAISY 3 book. Follow the steps provided below.

  1. Open Tobi and in FILE menu select IMPORT. You can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + I.
  2. Now select the DTBook XML file or if you have a DAISY 3 book then select the XML file inside the book folder and click the OPEN button. When prompted to select the Project audio format, you can just click OK since this is not relevant in the creation of text only books. Take care not to select the .OPF file.
  3. Tobi will import the XML file and you should be able to see all the book contents. Check the entries in the Navigation pane on the left to make sure that complete content of the XML file has been imported. You can also check out the PAGES tab in the Navigation pane to see the page numbering in the document. If you find any problems in the content, you need to modify the source XML file or DAISY book and then import it again.
  4. In the EDIT menu click on Edit Metadata and review the information. If needed, you can change the Metadata here. Make sure that no required Metadata field is left empty. Click OK.
  5. Click TOOLS menu and choose VALIDATION. If there are any Metadata issues reported, correct them by going into Edit Metadata.
  6. Now you are ready to create the DAISY 3 book. In FILE menu click on EXPORT or just press CTRL + E. Skip the audio settings in the next window and if you wish you can choose a different output folder in the next step. Click OK and after a few moments the text only DAISY 3 book will be created in the target folder.

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