Tobi: Convert DAISY books to EPUB 3

Original Author(s): Prashant Ranjan Verma

Tobi uses DAISY Pipeline 2 to convert DAISY content (DTBOOK, DAISY 3) to EPUB 3.

Make sure you download and execute the Pipeline 2 installer. Launch Tobi. It should be able to locate the Pipeline 2 in the system. Click on the "DAISY to EPUB 3" option in File menu to check if Pipeline 2 is properly configured in Tobi. If Tobi is not able to find the required files, it will prompt you to select the location of the Pipeline 2 command line executable. Browse and select the "pipeline2.bat" file which is generally at the following location C:\Program Files\DAISY Pipeline 2\daisy-pipeline\bin.

Follow the steps provided below to convert DAISY content to EPUB 3.

Click on File and then click DAISY to EPUB 3.

File menu of Tobi showing the DAISY to EPUB 3 option

Tobi will initialize Pipeline 2 and will prompt you to select the input file. Browse and select the DAISY file to be converted to EPUB 3 e.g. *.opf or a *.xml file.

Open file dialog for selection of input file

Tobi will process the input with Pipeline 2. Upon completion of the conversion process, Tobi will ask if you want to import the newly created EPUB to start a new project in Tobi.

Message at the end of conversion process

If you select YES, the EPUB3 file will be opened in Tobi.

The project spine seen after importing EPUB file in Tobi

You can now synchronize text with audio. Audio can be generated with text-to-speech (TTS), live recording or by importing existing audio files. These steps are demonstrated in the Video: Creating EPUB with Tobi.

If you don't import EPUB files to create a new project (select NO), then you will have the option of running EPUBCheck. Click YES to validate the EPUB 3 file.

EPUB-Check mesage

If there are no errors or warnings then you will get a "success" message. After clicking OK, the folder which contains the EPUB 3 file will open.

The DAISY Pipeline 2 can also be used directly to convert DTBook and DAISY files to EPUB 3. This free tool can be run in command line mode. Browser based Web UI can also be used.

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