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This page contains two lists: 1) articles with content that needs editing and 2) articles on requested topics that do not yet have content. If you want to contribute to DAISYpedia then you are at the right place.

You will need a user account on the DAISY website and then permission to update articles on DAISYpedia. For detailed procedures, please refer to the article on how to Become a DAISYpedia Editor and the DAISYpedia Article Submission Guidelines.

Edit Existing Content

Following is a list of articles that are flagged "Needs Editing". Articles in this list contain information that may no longer be valid. The content may need to be updated, modified, removed or edited for perspective. When viewing each article, please review the DISCUSSION TAB for comments.

List of DAISYpedia Articles Flagged for Updating

Author Requested Content

Following is a list of articles requested by other users of DAISYpedia. Please assist with authoring and editing articles in the areas of DAISY knowledge where you have expertise. As a DAISYpedia Editor, you can also add to the list of requested articles.

List of Requested Articles

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