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The first step for recording a new project is to set the recording settings.

Select "Record settings" (CTRL+R) in the "Options" pull down menu, or click the "Recording Settings" button in the toolbar. The "Recording settings" dialog contains four tabs - "Data format", "Phrase detection", "Record mode" and "Device settings".

Data format

In the "Data format" tab, you can select the sampling rate and a channel. "22050Hz" and "Mono" are generally used, however, a greater sampling rate can be selected when higher quality sound is required. Please note that some sampling rates cannot be used with some compression systems. Both 22050Hz and 44100Hz are generally supported. A lower sampling rate will reduce the quality of the audio, but also reduces the amount of storage space required.

The 'Data format' tab in the 'Recording Settings' dialog
The 'Data format' tab in the 'Recording Settings' dialog

Phrase detector

Sigtuna DAR 3 and other DAISY production tools have a feature called "phrase detection". This feature detects the pauses in the narration and automatically creates individual audio phrases based on the pauses. Phrase detection is useful both in production and during playback for the reader of the completed book. The default is for phrase detection to be active. If you do not want to use phrase detection you must deselect it in the check box.

Enable 'Phrase detection'
Enable 'Phrase detection'

Record mode

"Direct recording" is the default setting. When this setting is selected, recording will begin as soon as the Record button is pressed. Ensure that "Direct recording" is selected.

Check 'Direct recording'' in the 'Record mode' tab
Check 'Direct recording' in the 'Record mode' tab

Device settings

Select the audio device that will be used (you may find that there is only one from which you can choose). It is not necessary to change the buffer sliders.

The 'Device settings' tab
The 'Device settings' tab

Select "OK" to complete the Recording Settings for the project.

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