Sigtuna DAR 3 - Import of Audio File(s)

Original Author(s): Miki Azuma

Select "Import" (F6) in the "Tools" pull down menu, or click the "Import from external source" button, the third button from the left in the toolbar. When the "Import dialog" is open, click the "Insert audio file" icon and select "OK".

Select the "Insert audio file" on the Import dialog
Select the 'Insert audio file' on the Import dialog

Select an audio file to insert into the current SMIL file

When the "Insert Audio Wizard" is shown, open the audio source folder, then select the file you wish to import from the list of WAV files.

Open the audio source folder
Open the source folder

Playback the file to ensure that it is the required audio file. When you select the file, press "OK".

Select the file and playback
Select the file and playback for checking

Define Settings

Check that the "Use phrase detection to create audio events" box is selected. Click "Next" if the "Insert audio at current position" is selected.

Verify the phrase detection and insert position
Verify the phrase detection and insert position

Import the audio file

Select "Finish" to finalize the import.

Select the 'Finish' button
Click the 'Finish' button

import in process
import in process

After a WAV file has been imported and the dialog closes, the first portion of the audio that has been imported will automatically play. This will confirm that the correct audio has been imported.

Repeat this process for the second NCC item and for each of the NCC headings and WAV files until the audio import for the project is complete.

Attention!! You can adjust the "Pause length" in the "Phrase detector" tab of the "Recording settings" dialog if the audio events are too long and do not correspond to the sentence breaks. The default is "0.4 seconds". This can be adjusted to create shorter audio events.
If the very beginning subtle sound of the events is at the end of the previous event rather than at the beginning of the event to which it belongs, adjust the "Record before phrase" in the "Phrase detector" tab from around 130 to 150ms. Please be aware that with Sigtuna DAR 3, only vowels can be detected as "Voice".

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