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Sigtuna DAR 3 allows you to convert a project to PCM, MPEG1 Layer2, DVI ADPCM and ADPCM2. There is the list of the installed codecs in the Sigtuna DAR 3 "Build Project" dialog. To "build" the project select "Export" (F7) in the "Tools" pull down menu, then select the "Audio Compression" when the export dialog is displayed. When the "Build project" dialog opens click the "Codec settings" to view the "Installed codecs" dialog where the list of the internal codecs is shown.

The export dialog
The export dialog

Select "Export" (F7) in the "Tools" pull down menu, or click the "Export / convert" button in the toolbar.

The export dialog
The export toolbar

Select Destination Path

When the "Build project" dialog opens, you first need to create a folder into which the saved converted project will be placed. Select the drive where you are going to create the folder, and click the "Create new folder" button.

"Build project" dialog
"Build project" dialog

The "Create sub-folder to" dialog is now displayed. Create the folder into which the project will be placed then click "OK".

Creating a new folder
Creating a new folder

In order to organize and manage your projects more easily, you can create a folder on the hard drive to hold all of your completed, compressed DAISY projects. Within this folder you can create separate folders for each of the completed projects. Note that each project must be contained in a separate folder.

Audio Codecs

Return to the "Build project" dialog and select "Uncompressed PCM" in the upper right area of the dialog.

Select 'Uncompressed PCM'
Select 'Uncompressed PCM'

Start Build Process

Select the "Start build" button at the bottom of the "Build project" dialog. When cleanup of the original project is needed, Sigtuna DAR 3 will do the Cleanup first before converting.

Confirmation message for Cleanup
Confirmation message for cleanup

The dialog that shows the information on the original file, converted file and encoding status will be displayed. Once the conversion is complete, the dialog automatically closes.

Window showing the encoding status
Showing the encoding status

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