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See the article DAISY Pipeline 2 Desktop application overview on the newer version of this tool.

The DAISY Pipeline 2 is an ongoing project to develop an open-source, cross-platform framework for the automated processing of various digital file formats efficiently and economically. It intends to facilitate the production and maintenance of accessible content for people with print disabilities. For more details, see Pipeline 2: Tool for forward migration of DAISY content.

Some of the common use cases of Pipeline 2 are:

  • Upgrading DAISY 2.02 or 3.0 books to EPUB 3 format.
  • Converting a DTBook file to EPUB 3.
  • The new conversion scripts, namely EPUB 3 to DAISY 2.02 and HTML to EPUB 3 can be very helpful in manipulating file formats and providing the users what is most suited to them.
  • Pipeline 2 can also be used to validate DTBook, NIMAS and DAISY 2.02 files.

Usage instructions

To use the DAISY Pipeline 2 Web UI, first download and install the latest release.

Click START > All PROGRAMS > DAISY PIPELINE 2. The default web browser will open and display a message "Starting the Pipeline 2 Web UI..". A command prompt window will also open automatically; do not close this window.

After a few moments, the Welcome screen of Pipeline 2 should appear. Click the "Get Started" button.

Welcome screen of Pipeline 2

The next screen is "Create Job". You should choose the script appropriate for your conversion task. For example, if you want to upgrade a DAISY 3 book to EPUB 3, then click on "DAISY 3 to EPUB 3" in the Scripts section.

Create job

Now you need to upload the source files. Folders such as a DAISY book should be first compressed into a ZIP file and then uploaded to Pipeline 2 Web UI. Click the "Upload Files" button and select your ZIP file.

Click "Options" and select desired criteria for the conversion. The options in this screen depend upon the chosen script and will vary.

Start job

Click on "Start Job" to start the process. The status message "Running..." will be displayed during the conversion process. The Log messages can be read in the bottom of the page.

Conversion in process

If the conversion process succeeds, the message "Success" or "Job failed" in case of failure will be displayed.

In case of successful completion of the conversion job, the output files can be downloaded by clicking the "output-dir" button.

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