Pipeline 2: Tool for forward migration of DAISY content

Original Author(s): Prashant Ranjan Verma

See the article DAISY Pipeline 2 Desktop application overview on the newer version of this tool.

The DAISY Pipeline 2 is an ongoing project to develop an open-source, cross-platform framework for the automated processing of various digital formats efficiently and economically. It intends to facilitate the production and maintenance of accessible content for people with print disabilities.

DAISY Pipeline 2 can be used from the command line or web interface. Check out Pipeline 2 Web UI overview and use cases or the "README.txt" in the installation directory for command line instructions.

It offers several transformers which include

  • daisy202-to-epub3 - Convert a DAISY 2.02 fileset to EPUB3
  • daisy202-validator - Schema-validation of a DAISY 2.02 fileset
  • daisy3-to-epub3 - Convert a DAISY 3 fileset to EPUB 3
  • dtbook-to-daisy3 - Convert a DTBook XML document to DAISY 3 (with TTS audio)
  • dtbook-to-epub3 - Convert a DTBook XML document to EPUB 3
  • dtbook-to-html - Convert a DTBook XML document to XHTML5
  • dtbook-to-pef - Convert a DTBook XML document to PEF Braille
  • dtbook-to-zedai - Convert a DTBook XML document to ZedAI XML
  • dtbook-validator - Validate a DTBook 2005-3 XML document
  • epub3-to-daisy202 - Convert an EPUB 3 publication to DAISY 2.02
  • html-to-epub3 - Convert (an) HTML document(s) to EPUB 3
  • nimas-fileset-validator - Validate a NIMAS Fileset
  • zedai-to-epub3 - Convert a ZedAI document to EPUB 3
  • zedai-to-html - Convert a ZedAI document to XHTML5
  • zedai-to-pef - Convert a ZedAI document to PEF Braille

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