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Digital talking books (DTBs) can be produced using various methods available with Obi. The choice of method depends on user's resources.

You may want to start by taking a look at the book, understanding its structure and then deciding what level of navigation will be essential for the user. This will help to choose the production method and set guidelines for audio editing.

For example, if you have a textbook on hand which has to be read thoroughly by students, you will need to create a deeper structure (going up to heading level 4 or more), mark all pages, and create phrases at the sentence level. You may in such cases import the structure from an external file as explained in the "Method 2" given below. On the other hand, if a novel needs to be converted to DAISY, you may manually create the book structure within Obi using "Method 1" given below since the structure is likely to be short.

Follow the steps listed in the method of your choice for creating a DTB.

Method 1: Create a book structure manually and record or import audio

Method 2: Import external file to create structure and record or import audio

Method 3: Record audio and mark structure on the fly

Method 4: Import audio and mark structure during editing

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