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Obi is an open source software application that can be used to produce digital talking books (DTBs) conforming to DAISY 3 (officially, the ANSI/NISO Z39.86 Specifications). Obi empowers individuals and organizations across the globe to create accessible and feature-rich digital content.

Listed below are videos that can help you learn the various steps involved in creating a DAISY book using Obi and understand its features. All the videos have captions or a text transcript.

Overview of Obi

This is an accessible talking presentation created by SlideTalk. It includes topics such as: what is Obi, its unique features and what sets it apart from other similar authoring tools.

Creating a new project

This video demonstrates the steps involved in creating a new project in Obi from scratch and importing of book structure from existing XHTML or DTBook XML file.

Opening, Saving, Project Properties & Bookmarks

Learn how to open, save & close existing projects, the use of Bookmarks in Obi and how to get more information about the structure & duration of the project

Working with Sections

Learn how to create sections and sub-sections, rename, delete or change their levels for creating the structure of the book.

Live recording in Obi

Learn how to record audio in Obi using a microphone. This video also demonstrates the pre-recording tasks including audio monitoring.

Importing a DAISY Book

Learn how to import the structure and audio from an existing DAISY book in to Obi.

Importing audio files

Check out the steps for importing single or multople audio files into a Obi project. Learn how to quickly convert a set of audio files into a DAISY book. Note that the Import Audio Files dialog shown in this video is different from the current version of Obi. It is recommended that you checkout the tutorial on Importing audio files in addition to watching this video.

Splitting and Merging phrases in Obi

Learn how to split and merge audio phrases to make them more meaningful and navigable. The fine navigation keyboard commands are also explained.

Skippable nodes in Obi

Skippable notes are the set of contiguous phrases containing the information that may be skipped or included, as per the user’s choice, while reading the book. They can belong to any skippable element of a book such as footnote, annotation, sidebar, etc. Obi 2.5 provides a complete workflow for authoring skippable notes as described in this video.

Backup. Recovery. Reversing options

Learn how to undo the work done in an Obi project or how to restore it to a previous state.

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