Obi: Merge Projects feature improves large audio book recording

Original Author(s): Prashant Ranjan Verma

The Merge Projects feature of Obi allows you to merge several projects easily. This feature empowers you to segregate the work among various workstations. For example, you can divide the task of recording a large book to two or more persons to expedite the work. After completion of recording you can easily join the different parts of the book to create the final distribution version of the book.

Note that the projects that you select for merging should be created using Obi 3.0 beta 2 or later. Also, they should have the same audio settings (channels and sampling rate).

The steps for merging projects are explained below with an example.

Assume that a book containing five chapters is recorded on five different workstations. Each workstation contains the recording of only one chapter in Obi. These five Obi projects should be merged so that the final DAISY version of the book can be created. The steps to be taken are:

  1. Open the Obi project that should appear in the beginning. In this example open the project containing recording of chapter 1.
  2. Click File->Merge Project on the menu bar. Obi opens a dialog box to browse for the project file.
  3. Select the next project which should be merged with the project that is already open and click the OK button. In this example you have to select the project which contains recording of chapter 2.
  4. Obi opens a dialog box to select more projects for merging as shown in the figure below. Click the ADD button and select the other projects which need to be merged with Chapter 1. In this example the projects containing chapter 3, chapter 4 and chapter 5 should be selected one by one. Merge Projects dialog
  5. Carefully review the list of projects in the list. If required use the MOVE UP and MOVE DOWN button to arrange them in desired sequence.
  6. Finally click the OK button. Obi will merge the projects in the order they appear in the list of project files.

The currently open project, chapter 1 in this case will now contain all the contents of the projects merged with it. To finalize the project and create a DAISY book perform the usual book finalization tasks namely Clean Unreferenced Audio, Meta Data & Export as DAISY.

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