MathML in DAISY Resources

Original Author(s): John A. Gardner, Dennis Leas, Neil Soiffer, Masakazu Suzuki and Piotr Brzoza

STATUS: Version 1.1 (updated 12 March 2008)

This resource document is a handout given at the presentation :

"Life Cycle of a DAISY Book with Math: From Authoring to Players"

John A. Gardner, Dennis Leas, Neil Soiffer, Masakazu Suzuki and Piotr Brzoza
2008 CSUN International Conference on Technology and Disabilities, Los Angeles, CA, 13 March, 2008
It will be maintained by the MathML in DAISY Working Group - see MathML in DAISY Project Area.

Reading MathML with Speech:

Reading Math in Tactile Hard Copy:

Translations of MathML to/from International Braille Codes:

Accessible Applications for Authoring and Manipulating Math:

TeX Conversion

OCR of Math from Paper Copy


Making Diagrams Accessible:

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Duplicate of I would vote to maintain this on DAISYpedia and remove the other version, linking to the DAISYpedia version from the MathML project menu. The MathML workarea is not actively updated now and this will motivate our MathML experts to become DAISYpedia Contributors.

Please remove the resource at and link to this page instead.

Agree it s/b on DAISYpedia (not in both places) & that it s/b linked to from the MathML area. I also think there s/b a link from the DAISYpedia article to the MathML area. Lynn

I agree with Lynn, but have the vague impression that one can't link back to something that it is linked to, looks to me like to links colliding in the cloud... So I would vote for the original article to be seated at DAISY Pedia whereas the MathML site should have a link to it.