Legimus Quick Start Guide

Legimus is an eBook reading app developed by Pyxima. It supports DAISY 2.02, DAISY 3 and EPUB 3 with media overlays.

Legimus is available for both iOS and Android). To use the app persons with print disabilities need to register with Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM or participating libraries. The username and password received after registration need to be entered into the app before it can be used. Note that this app is also available as Online DAISY, Lydhør and Pratsam Reader.

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This app can be used to listen to audio books and newspapers on smartphones or tablets. The app connects to servers supporting the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol, allowing users to read online ("stream"), but also download books for offline reading.

User interface

The first screen of the app after providing the login information is the Bookshelf view. It is neatly organized into four tabs, namely - Books, Newspaper, Device and Lists. Each tab lists the book title with a thumbnail of the cover page, information about the format e.g. text, audio and its availability (downloaded/not downloaded). The more option button with each title brings up a small drop down menu with options applicable in the context e.g. download, return/remove.

The Menu button at the top right corner of the app screen can be used to open the Settings with all standard options to customize the text size, line spacing, colour etc. The location of the books in the local memory can be defined in the Advanced inside Settings.

Getting books

Depending upon your subscription, titles will be automatically populated in the Books, magazines and Lists tabs of the Bookshelf. Tap on the more option button with the title and then tap on download to obtain the book for reading.

If the local content location is correctly defined, the DAISY and EPUB format content will show up in the device tab of the Bookshelf.

Reading books

Tap on a title to start reading. The book will open in Reading view.

In the reading view Playback Speed, Go to Navigation element, Add bookmark and More options button are in the top toolbar. below this is the large book content window. The navigation and playback buttons are located at the bottom.

The Table of Contents can be opened by tapping on the Navigation element button at the top. The TOC window is further divided into Section, Page and Bookmark tabs.

The Down and Up buttons next to the Play/Pause button can be used to choose the navigation mode. The availability of the number of navigation modes depends upon the mark-up of the book currently open. Typical navigation modes are Level 1, Level 2 and Sentence.

The Legimus app is accessible with the Talkback and Voiceover screen readers however, the book content can be read only with the built-in text-to-speech (TTS) or media overlay.

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