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Go Read is a free e-book reader for DAISY and EPUB books. This app has been optimized for people with print disabilities including persons with blindness and low vision.

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Go Read can be installed on any tablet or phone running Android 4.0 or above. However, the accessibility features work best in Android 4.2 and above.

Go Read users can access and download books directly from Bookshare and other online eBook catalogues. This app supports both Individual and Organizational Bookshare memberships. Books can be searched and downloaded from the Bookshare website directly from this app. Compatible books can also be opened from the device memory using the built-in file browser.

Go Read currently supports DAISY 3 text-only and EPUB 2 formats.


Books can be read with any TTS voice installed on the device. The user interface and navigation controls are fully accessible with the TalkBack screen reader. Go Read provides navigation by chapters, sub-sections and pages, as well as the bookmarking feature. Note that the book text cannot be read using Talkback gestures and therefore navigation by words and characters is not possible.

For a walkthrough of the book downloading and reading options see the article Evaluation of the Go Read App, A Free DAISY and EPUB Reader from Bookshare by Aaron Preece (AFB).

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