Get Started with DAISYpedia editing

Requesting Editing Privileges

DAISYpedia users first need to create a login account and can then apply to become an editor. After the DAISYpedia team processes your application to become an editor, you will receive an email notification regarding your status.

How to Request New Content

If you are a DAISYpedia Editor, create new content of type DAISYpedia Article with a title of the requested subject, leave the Original Author field blank, enter "To be written" in the body field, check the 'Request This Article' checkbox and Save.

Original Author Field

This is not a required field. If you are creating content and want your name displayed on the article, enter your display name in this field.

File Attachments

Files can be uploaded and attached to an article when in edit mode by clicking on the 'File Attachments' link. The current size and type limitations will be listed.


Procedures for adding images to an article:

  1. Optimize the image for the web
    Note: Image Handling procedures will be added to DAISYpedia, meanwhile contact Training and Tech Support if you need assistance.
  2. Upload as a file attachment.
  3. Reference the image file using an 'img' HTML tag or use the WYSIWYG editor.

Wiki Editing

Note: DAISYpedia is maintained by the DAISY Consortium Training and Tech Support Team and authorized DAISYpedia Editors. This is a Reference Article about editing tips and shortcuts for new DAISYpedia Editors.

WYSIWYG (Rich Text) Editor Options

WYSIWYG is an acronym for "What You See is What You Get". Here it is applied to a rich text editor. It is disabled by default and non-screen-reader users can enabled it to apply font changes via widgets similar to Microsoft Word.

Go to your user profile page (you must be logged in) and click on 'Rich Text Editor Options' to change the default options. The WYSIWYG editor is turned off by default.

Quick User Guide for the CKEditor WYSIWYG tool

Markdown Syntax

Markdown is a simple markup language and is configured for DAISYpedia Contributors to use in the default "plain text editor" mode. Markdown is designed to be easy for a human to enter with a simple text editor, and is easy to read in its raw form.

Free Linking

This is [[how to create a freelink]] like Wikipedia does! Use double square brackets (''text'')  in a document and save it. This will generate a link and when you first click on this link text, you will be in edit mode on a new node with the link text as the title.

Note:  auto-generation of CamelCase links is disabled.


If you have editing privileges, get started on the Sandbox page!

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