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Using AMIS to read DAISY books - a video by Load 2 Learn project

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AMIS is a DAISY Book Player provided for free by the DAISY Consortium. It is self-voicing and therefore can be used by the visually impaired even without screen reading software.

The instructions given below will help you get started with AMIS. If you have not yet downloaded the software or you want to check the system requirements then please visit the AMIS project area. You can also find installation instructions, language packs, keyboard shortcuts and user guide on the AMIS project area.

Starting AMIS

Launch AMIS using its icon on the Desktop or click START BUTTON >> PROGRAMS >> AMIS >> AMIS.

Opening a DAISY Book

If you have the DAISY Book on a CD, then click the CD shaped icon on the AMIS toolbar (second icon from the left) or press CTRL + L. The AMIS default toolbar is at the top of the AMIS window.

The AMIS default toolbar

If you have the DAISY Book on your hard drive, click the folder shaped icon (first icon on the toolbar) or press CTRL + O.

The OPEN dialog

Now locate the folder on your local file system which contains the DAISY Book that you want to open. Look for the file named “ncc.html” or locate the file with the extension “.OPF” and then click OPEN. AMIS will open the book and you will see the list of sections on the left side of the window.

The default view of AMIS with a book opened

Playback and Navigation

Using the toolbar buttons or the keyboard shortcuts you can play the book and navigate to different parts of the book. Given below is a list of the most important keyboard commands. Please refer to the complete list of Keyboard Commands for other functions of AMIS.

Function Keyboard shortcuts
Play/Pause Spacebar
Previous Section Up
Next Section Down
Previous Phrase Left
Next Phrase Right
Previous Page Ctrl+Left
Next Page Ctrl+Right
Go to page Ctrl+G

AMIS has many additional features such as variable speed playback, bookmarks and customization of the AMIS screen. Please read the AMIS User Guide for description of all the features.

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