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Update: FSReader 3.0 has been released with Jaws 15. The most important changes are in the structure and position of text area. The navigation pane and text area are now placed side by side. The text of the book is now displayed in HTML format like a web page. You can use the JAWS navigation quick keys, list of links and the list of headings for navigation.

The process of opening books has also been changed slightly. Now you get the familiar OPEN dialog box where you need to select the ncc.html or the .opf file from inside the DAISY book folder.

FSReader is a DAISY Player Software for Desktop PCs running Windows and the PAC Mate by Freedom Scientific.

Manufacturer's description:

Freedom Scientific's FSReader software opens a world of accessible reading material for the visually impaired. Used with Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY)-formatted talking books, FSReader™ delivers a host of powerful navigation tools for reading.

  • Go directly to a specific chapter, heading, or page
  • Set an unlimited number of annotated bookmarks
  • Speed up or slow down speech whether listening to a recorded narrator or synthesized speech

Supported formats

FSReader supports all types of DAISY books in DAISY 2.02 or DAISY 3 (ANSI/NISO standard) format. You can read DAISY text-only books, audio-only books and full-text full-audio books in FSReader. The books provided by Bookshare.org online library are also supported. FSReader can also play protected DAISY books that require User Authorization Key (UAK). For reading such books like the books available from Learning Ally you will have to obtain the UAK key from the book provider. FSReader can of course play all training material from Freedom scientific in DAISY format

Installing FSReader

FSReader is included FREE with JAWS version 6 and above and is installed automatically. Now FSReader is a Free Download for PAC Mate Owners. More information is on FSReader product page.

Starting FSReader

You can start FSReader by activating its icon on the computer desktop screen. Alternatively, click START > PROGRAMS or ALL PROGRAMS > FSReader.

Note that FSReader will open automatically when you try to access JAWS training material from its Help menu.

Opening DAISY Books

To open DAISY books located anywhere in your computer do the following:

  1. Click FILE and then click on OPEN.. or simply use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + O to open the OPEN dialog box
  2. Click the CHANGE DIRECTORY button
  3. Now in the directory tree view that opens select the folder which contains the DAISY Book/s you want to read and click OK button
  4. FSReader will scan the selected folder for books in DAISY format and will present a list of Titles available for reading
  5. Select a title in the list and click OK button or press ENTER key to open it for reading

To open books read recently, click FILE menu to reveal a list of last five books opened in FSReader. Clicking on any item in the list will open the book. From the keyboard pressing the ALT + F keystroke followed by the numbers 1 through 5 will open the corresponding book in the list.

FSReader window overview

The FSReader window has a title bar, a menu bar, and two panes. The top pane is a tree view for navigation, and the bottom pane contains the text of the book, if available. You can press the TAB key to move between these two panes.

In the tree view, you can navigate up and down the tree by using the UP and DOWN ARROW keys. To expand a chapter or topic, press the RIGHT ARROW, and to close a chapter or topic, press the LEFT ARROW. This way you can select the topic you want to read. If the book has narrated audio, press CTRL + P to start playback. If the book has text, press TAB to move to the text pane and then use text reading commands of the screen reader to read the text. For example pressing Down arrow key will read the next line and pressing the Right arrow key will read the next character in screen reader voice.

Playback and navigation in FSReader

The table given below lists important shortcuts. Note that all these options can also be accessed from the menu bar.

CTRL + PPlay or Pause
StopCTRL + S
Rewind or previous phraseComma
Forward or next phrasePeriod
Next sectionDown arrow
Focus should be in navigation tree view
Previous sectionUP arrow
Focus should be in navigation tree view
Increase playback speedCTRL+PGUP
Decrease playback speedCTRL+PGDN
Normal speedCTRL+SHIFT+N
Go to pageCTRL + G
Find textCTRL + F
Find nextF3
Find previousSHIFT + F3
Set BookmarkCTRL + B
Go to a BookmarkCTRL + K

Running FSReader in the background

FSReader has a unique feature which allows you to control the playback of DAISY book even while working on another application on the same computer. For example if you are reading a tutorial on Microsoft Word, you can minimize FSReader and start your practice in Microsoft Word. You can press CTRL + P to play and pause, CTRL + comma to rewind 5 seconds and CTRL + period to forward 5 seconds at a time. Note that pressing CTRL + P will not open the Microsoft Word Print dialog, instead this keystroke will start or stop the FSReader playback.

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