DAISY Production Considerations

Before you choose, consider:

  • Type/s of DAISY DTBs (1 through 6) you will be creating
  • Type of content: complex textbooks VS less complex materials
  • Workflow, and, size of operation
  • Resources (financial and human resources)
  • Skill sets

A single tool will not meet all of your needs.

The DAISY Validator and Regenerator

The Validator

The Daisy 2.02 Validator is a tool for conformance testing of Daisy 2.02 DTBs. The Validator analyzes a Daisy 2.02 DTB and a generates a report containing a list of any errors and warnings found in the DTB.

When performing the conformance test, the Validator applies a series of tests to the DTB. It compares data found in the DTB to data that is expected to be present. If the expectation is not met, the test has failed.

The tests performed have a wide and varying scope. Some tests will, if they fail, indicate that the DTB may not even be readable in a reading device. For example, one or several files may be missing, or damaged.

DAISY DTB Conformance

Not all tests that the Validator performs are aimed only at determining whether the DTB is readable. Conformance testing means that possible violations to specifications are checked, regardless of their impact on readability. In many cases, you will find that although the Validator reports that the DTB is not fully conformant, it will play properly in a DAISY reading device.

You may use the Validator to:

  • Check if the DTB is readable. This is a "good shape" measure that is required to assure that the end user will be able to read the DTB without experiencing problems.
  • Check if the DTB is conformant. Only if the DTB is conformant can its longevity be guaranteed.

The Regenerator

The Regenerator takes a DAISY DTB and attempts to refresh, fix and update the content of the DTB files so that they comply to the 2.02 Specification, outputting a new, regenerated version of the DTB.

When the regeneration process has been completed, the Regenerator can optionally call the Daisy 2.02 Validator to validate the result.

Why Regenerate

  • The output book will be compliant; you can be assured that it will play in DAISY DTB reading devices.
  • The output book will be compliant, enabling transformation to the DAISY/NISO specification at a later date.
  • The output book, if the file rename option is activated, will play in correct order in mp3 playback devices
  • Output: Can be used to create NCC-only and full text DTBs.
  • Scripts for Jaws for Windows and maps for Supernova are available. The current and final release is 1.6.3. Requires external synthesizer (it is not self-voicing).

The software provides extensive features when producing full text Digital Talking Books using external source documents. The user has extensive functionality and flexibility when working in recording windows. Two recording screen options are available -- Advanced and Simple.
The software is typically used in larger organizations with text production departments and audio recording departments. It is also usable in a singular context as a stand-alone tool, using the included Structure Editor, other xhtml editors, or other tools to create NCC-only structures. The software is available to Members of the DAISY Consortium.

  • Output: Can be used to create NCC-only and full text Digital Talking Books.
  • Scripts for Jaws for Windows are available. Please check the DAISY Web site for the latest version. Requires external synthesizer (not self-voicing).

The user has the ability to create, edit, and/or remove NCC headings and pages during the recording process (when in "ToC-only mode"). In addition, a user can add full text segments to an NCC-only Digital Talking Book using ATAU mode.
The software is typically used in larger organizations as well as in stand-alone settings. It is available to Members of the DAISY Consortium.

Sigtuna DAR 3
  • Output: can be used to create NCC-only Digital Talking Books.
  • The software is fully self-voicing. It does not require an external synthesizer.

This software is very easy to learn and operate. Additional features include generating synthesized speech from a text file.
The software is typically used in any organization where structure documents (NCCs) are not created before recording begins. Also it can be used by volunteers working at home or in a studio. The software is available to Members of the DAISY Consortium.

MyStudio PC

With the release of Dolphin Audio Publishing's EasePublisher, this software is no longer available as stand-alone software. It is now available only packaged with TIPS or WIPS for large-scale audio conversions.

  • Create DAISY DTBs that combine text, images and audio
  • Record "live" or import existing recordings

LpStudio Plus allows the easy and efficient creation and editing of synchronized and navigable multimedia content in the DAISY format incorporating intelligent phrase detection.


The Plextalk Recording Software which has been bundled with the Plextalk PTR1 will be available in bundles of five copies in late 2005. Designed for Windows PCs, it is a simple editing and recording tool with voice guidance to support use by those who have a visual handicap. It is possible to easily edit, reorganize, and combine recordings with this tool. This software is very similar to MyStudio PC, but has additional features. Features such as text export and mp3 sound quality settings are available in PRS but not in MyStudio PC or in the PTR1.
For more information, see http://www.plextalk.com/.

Plextalk Recording Software

Book Wizard Producer is currently in Beta, but it is already full-featured production software for creating DAISY/NISO content. The software can read DAISY 2.02 content, but it does not create it. Find out more about this product's capabilities and download a demonstration at www.aph.org/beta/bwp_info.htm.

Dolphin Audio Publishing now offers EasePublisher as a robust, feature-rich production tool. This innovative software allows professionals and non-professionals alike to create and publish their own multi-media digital content. Using speech synthesizers, full digital audio content can be created from simple text files, alternatively import audio files or narrate audio and synchronize to the text in real time. Pop up images and graphics can also be inserted within the text content. For more information, please visit: www.dolphinuk.co.uk.
DAISY Consortium Members may purchase the software at discounted rates. A dedicated DAISY Members Web page is available on the Dolphin Audio Publishing Web site. The direct link is http://www.dolphinuk.co.uk/audio/daisy/index.htm.


eClipseWriter – Personal Edition is an affordable and innovative software application from I.R.T.I. that reduces the cost and eliminates the wait time associated with creating accessible media. eClipseWriter can turn virtually any electronic text document into a DAISY 2.02 Digital Talking Book. It can be used by individuals, in educational facilities, government organizations, or corporations that need to create accessible media.
Text with headings and page navigation markers is automatically turned into speech. It is also possible to insert graphics, animations and pre-recorded audio files. eClipseWriter also has a built in talking word processor to help prepare the text.
eClipseWriter Personl Edition includes a personal use license for the NeoSpeech Voice Text speech synthesis application to produce natural sounding voices from text, as well as eClipseReader, our next generation DAISY reading tool, at no extra charge
For more information go to WWW.IRITI.NET.


The Phoneticom DAISY Generator is a publication system that makes it possible to automatically produce fully synchronized Audio-Full-Text, or other types of DAISY 2.02 productions, using Text-To-Speech technology. Skip-ability is supported. Phoneticom's DAISY Generator supports DTBook XML as an input format, and it can generate DAISY 3 (Text only) as an output format.
The text must be in a structured format such as HTML or XML in order to produce a talking book with comprehensive navigation. Built-in XSL processing lets the publishing organization implement support for any XML format.
Phoneticom DAISY Generator is server-based and controlled by an accessible Web-based user interface. Publishers may use their existing Web browser, logging in to a server running Phoneticom DAISY Generator to manage their productions.
New Text-To-Speech engines are supported by providing server modules that Phoneticom DAISY Generator can communicate with. High-quality English Text-To-Speech synthesis can be purchased together with the DAISY Generator.
To contact Phoneticom go to: http://www.phoneticom.com/english

The STD editor (Structured Text Document editor) enables a user with little or no skills in mark up languages to produce XML and HTML documents valid to the standard for Digital Talking Books (both DAISY 2.02 and DAISY/NISO).
The STD editor facilitates the generation of master-files in XML for production of structured documents: e-books in HTML, source-files for Digital Talking Books, well-structured files for the Internet etc.
For more information, see http://www.dbb.dk/Software/

Structured Text Document editor (STD Editor)

Generate Digital Talking Books using synthetic speech with the STEB Generator (Synthetic Talking E-Book Generator). The production process is very fast. It takes approximately 1 hour to generate 8 hours of recording with synthetic speech and is very useful for production of DTBs of reference books, newspapers, indexes, manuals, etc. The STEB Generator needs very little human interaction which means a very short production time at a very low cost.
The STEB Generator uses an XML file as a source. In addition to the STEB Generator, a speech synthesizer will be required.
For more information, see http://www.dbb.dk/Software/

Studio Recorder from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is a digital recording software package with support for conversion to DAISY/NISO content. Studio Recorder should be used with APH's Book Wizard Producer when working on conversion.
"Originally created by APH to serve as an internal tool for creating direct-to-digital audio recordings, Studio RecorderTM contains many features that make recording, editing, and proof reading audio books easy. It is a powerful digital recording and editing software package geared specifically to making recordings of the spoken word."
For more information go to: www.aph.org/tech/sr_info.htm.

LCM (Low Complexity Mastering) allows you to create digital talking books in a simple environment designed for ease of use. The program is custom tailored to the narration process of talking books allowing you to record and make corrections quickly. LCM also allows insertion of book navigation pointers for generation of DAISY/NISO books. The system is designed to cater to both analog and DAISY book distribution by allowing analog announcements to be marked for exclusion in digital books. The system also provides a digital marking system for identification of issues in the reviewing process. The LCM environment allows each user to customize how they want to operate the program. Users can choose what functions are displayed and where they are located. LCM also has the ability to control studio communications and insert index tones for analog distribution.
Visit: www.telex.com for more information.

Bruno is a tool that creates text-only DTBs from source documents. If the output is set to be Daisy 2.02, you will be able to open it in existing production tools (such as lpStudio/Pro, Sigtuna DAR3, and MyStudioPC) to record audio.

Default look of Bruno after installation

Features & Highlights of this device include:

  • A portable recorder for stationary use in recording studios or for mobile recording at home (up to 4 hours mono recording time at 22.05 kHz, and up to 2 hours at 44.1 kHz sampling);
  • Digital recording, file length compatible for later analogue cassette duplication (e.g.: 45 minutes per track) and at the same time file compatible export to create DAISY 2.02 talking books;
  • Simple DAISY 2.02 compatible indexing already during initial recording with simultaneous or post trim- & editing-functions for page, chapter or different hierarchies;
  • Automatic sentence/pause detection (adjustable), and auto-phrase replacement for instant corrections of narrator errors during reading, with extremely simple operation;
  • Removable, price-attractive, uni-directional MO recording media for practically unlimited use;
  • The standard wave file recording format allows flexible PC compatible data exchange
  • Intuitive tape recorder style operation requires no specially trained recording experts.

Further information:

 A DAISY-2 Compatible MO-Recorder For Talking-Book Production

The Plextalk PTR1, with extensive playback features and stand-alone recording capability delivers exceptionally high performance in a portable and stylish design. The features include: bookmarks, advanced direct page or heading navigation, adjustable playback speed, and more. The Plextalk PTR1 provides fast and efficient reading on the go. The software system in the PTR-1 is very, very similar to the Plextor Professional Recording Software (PRS).
For more information see http://www.plextalk.com/.

Plextalk Portable Recorder (PTR-1)
  • DMFC: DAISY Multi-Format Converter
  • DAISY/NISO modular mastering software
  • Dolphin 'Auto WORD to DAISY'
  • DBB
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