DAISY Pipeline: Fixing Errors

Errors do happen and the DTBook Fixer takes care of some common ones. If you do have errors in you DAISY files that can’t be fixed using this script (or other measures), you should report your problem to the appropriate DAISY Forum (http://www.daisy.org/forums/)

Input required: a valid(!) DTBook (DAISY XML) file


Ctrl + N (or click: New Job Wizard)

choose=>Modify and Improve=>DAISY XML (DTBook)=>DTBook Fixer

Image of Pipeline wizard with highlighted path to DTBook Fixer

Hit ‘Next’ and browse for the path to your *.xml Input File and select a path AND a name for your new (repaired) DTBook *.xml file.


p><img alt="Image of Pipeline configuration window with highlited Parameters" http://www.daisy.org/sites/all/files/daisypedia/Pipeline-image15.png" />

There are Optional Parameters:

  • Active Categories : ‘Repair, then Tidy’ is recommended.
    You might want to read more detailed on what is included in each category in the DTBookFix Categories.

  • Force Execution: This is best checked if your input file is not valid.

  • Simplify heading layout: This will simplify the structure of your book. In case of an automated mark-up there might be redundant levels of navigation in the book. Leave this unchecked if there is nothing wrong with the structure in your book.

  • Tidy inline whitespace: This will remove uneccessary spaces between words, but is normally only necessary for Braille conversion.

  • Fix Character set: If you had this error message: "invalid byte sequence" you should check this box. Errors of this type are frequently found when converting a text file from a format like pdf, or in right-to-left scripted languages like Arabic, Hebrew or Urdu. But don’t check this box if you don’t have any of the aformentioned issues!

  • Document language: If your document is in only one language you could enter the appropriate language symbol here. In case of English this would be: EN.

  • XML Validation Report: As a last item you can browse for the path where you would like to have that report.

Hit ‘Finish’ and run that job with Ctrl + F1

Please re-validate the result (see Transformation example one).

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