DAISY Online Delivery: Providing Access to Information in an Effective Way

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Audio books have been around for a long time, but they reached their full potential for the visually impaired individuals thanks to the DAISY format. DAISY books allow navigation, browsing, skipping and other features that make the reading experience equal or even superior to reading printed books.

With the advent of online DAISY players and the establishment of the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol, online reading is the next innovation for digital talking books. With the help of the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol, you can listen to your favorite audio publications online - including newspapers, novels, magazines or study books. Online reading is fast, convenient, flexible and cost-effective.

The DAISY Online Delivery Protocol is a web service Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates the delivery of digital content from service providers to end users.

Advantages for readers / content consumers:

  • Books are always at hand without the hassle with CDs
  • New versions are delivered automatically
  • Read and navigate faster than digital content on CDs
  • You choose how you access online libraries: on your computer, DAISY player, tablet or smartphone

Advantages for content producers and distributors:

  • No need for CD production and distribution
  • Online service does not interfere with existing systems
  • Determine what to deliver, to whom with what subscription policy
  • Library support (lending / returning)
  • Can be integrated with existing online catalogue
  • Deliver content in different formats, including DAISY and EPUB 3.

Vision Australia Reduces Costs and Improves User Experience with DAISY Online Delivery


Uptake of Vision Australia’s existing i-access© online service had plateaued at approximately 14%. Lack of user confidence, ability, motivation as well as affordability presented barriers limiting further online uptake.


  • Increase online membership at the same time reducing the number of CDs produced and distributed
  • Decrease related costs
  • Extend the useful life and investment in CD - based DAISY players
  • Improve user experience


To achieve the goals mentioned above, Vision Australia (VA) developed an innovative solution by using 3G (wireless broadband) Internet technology and their existing PLEXTOR Linio DAISY players. These players targeted users in the top 25% of CD consumers.

Vision Australia sourced the online hardware and manufactured the specific components not available for purchase. Together with Optus, telecommunications provider and Shinano Kenshi (PLEXTALK), they created a seamless working solution.

The player connects directly to the i-access© online library via the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol. The user does not need a computer or Internet connection. This solution appeals to patrons who lack the knowledge or means to adopt online technologies.

Through the use of a familiar device clients were already accustomed to using, Vision Australia minimized deployment and rollout issues.


Apart from the operational efficiencies achieved by Vision Australia, new benefits are delivered to the user. This system provides immediacy and has increased access to digital content including newspapers. It also provides timely delivery of newsletters and important alerts.

User Story

Thanks to an online talking book player developed by Vision Australia, Lesley McEwan reads more than sixteen books per month.

Lesley has poor sight due to cataracts. She also has type-two diabetes and a heart condition that limits her mobility.

“I really enjoy receiving audio books from Vision Australia. With the new player, I just have to call and they are automatically downloaded. It is much faster than waiting to receive CDs in the mail,” says Leslie.

Her player connects directly to Vision Australia’s i-access© online library to access the wide range of books, newspapers, magazines and other topical information. The device is simple to use and the user does not need their own computer or Internet connection.

“With the majority of our clients being older and with difficulties accessing content on the internet, we needed to develop a solution that would provide online access to a greater variety of information in a user friendly and effective way,” says Andrew Furlong, Technology Support Manager at the Vision Australia Library. “The 3G solution means that people can now get information immediately wherever they are on a device they are happy to use,” he added.

Learn more on the Vision Australia website.

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