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Google Docs now come with the "save as EPUB" feature. Quoting from the Google Apps Update blog:

EPUB is the most widely supported file format for publishing accessible documents and digital books, allowing people to consume long-form content in their preferred apps on a diverse range of screen sizes and devices, including smartphones, tablets, and eReaders. To make it easier for authors, publishers, and academic institutions to create works that can be consumed digitally, today we’re launching the ability to export Google Docs files as EPUB publications. Go to the File menu > Download as > EPUB Publication (.EPUB).

This simple process is described step-by-step below.

Export to EPUB from Google Docs

Step 1: Create a document in Google Docs or import a Word document.

Note that to provide navigation and accessibility in the resulting EPUB file it is important to mark up the document with appropriate styles. Chapters, sub-sections, tables, footnotes etc. should be applied in a uniform way. Image descriptions should be provided. More information is available in the DAISYpedia article Text mark-up guidelines and Google Drive: Creating Accessible Documents.

Step 2: When the document is open in Google Docs, go to File menu and choose Download as > EPUB publication.

Step 3: The web browser will prompt you to Open or Save the EPUB file. You may choose to save the file to local disk. The downloaded file will have the same name as your document with .epub extension.

You can use any EPUB reader to open and read this file downloaded from Google Docs.

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