Cloudshelf Reader for iOS: Getting started guide

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CloudShelf Reader for iOS is available on the App Store as a free download. It is described on the App store as follows: "CloudShelf Reader is the new EPUB 3 reading app from Bluefire Productions, the creator of Bluefire Reader. Based on the Readium Open Source project, CloudShelf Reader is a full-featured eBook reading app that makes reading EPUB 3 content a great experience. CloudShelf Reader allows you to read, navigate, bookmark, highlight text, take notes and even draw on the pages of your eBooks."

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CloudShelf supports most features of EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 specifications including video, audio, animation, interactivity, media overlays, fixed layout content, MathML and Page List.

CloudShelf has support for bookmarking, highlighting, annotations and full text search. The CloudShelf app allows side loading of DRM free EPUB files using Dropbox or the "Open in" feature of iOS. The app has been designed to be accessible and it has received high scores in the accessibility evaluation on with Voiceover screen reader.

Download the CloudShelf app from the iOS App store

App overview

The app opens in the Welcome screen which is divided into two vertical panes. The left pane is like a menu and has the following options:

  • Welcome: The Welcome screen lists Quick Tips on using the app.
  • Library: This screen lists all the books available for reading. The option button at the top opens a menu with options to sort the books by title, authors, recently read.
  • Notebook: This view lists the Notes added to the different titles.
  • Dropbox: In this screen the user can provide login information to connect CloudShelf to Dropbox. After successful login, the Dropbox files can be browsed from within CloudShelf to open EPUB files.
  • Account: This screen allows the user to login to the CloudShelf account by providing the username and password.
  • About CloudShelf: This screen has more information on CloudShelf, Bluefire services, contact information and app version details.

Reading books

Books can be added to CloudShelf Library by using Dropbox or the "Open In" feature of iOS from email and other apps. Tap on the book title in the Library to open it for reading.

Once the book is open, you can tap on the screen to display the controls in the top and bottom for navigation and customization. Note that when Voiceover is running, the book cannot be opened in full screen view.

The options available in the reading view from top left are:

  • Locations menu button: This has options to go to the CloudShelf Home, Table of Contents Marks and Notes and Book information
  • Home: To go to CloudShelf Library screen
  • Search: Searches and lists occurrences of the given phrase anywhere in the book.
  • Settings: This is a drop down menu having options for changing text size, 1 or 2 column view and display themes.
  • Sketch: This is an experimental feature that allows the user to write notes using the finger or stylus.
  • Add Bookmark: Add a bookmark to the current page.
  • Play button: When the book contains media overlays, this button appears in the top toolbar.
  • Previous page and Next Page buttons: These buttons are in the bottom left and right corner. One can also tap in the right or left margin to navigate to pages.
  • Scroll bar: This is found at the bottom of the screen. It can be used to move forward or backwards in the book.

Voiceover uses web page navigation gestures to read the book. The text can also be read by characters, words and lines using the Voiceover rotor.

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