Audio amplification and normalization now allowed in Obi

If you find that certain sections of the audio are too loud or too low in your Obi project, then you can enhance that part of the project within Obi and get a uniform audio level throughout the project.

The audio processing functions supported by Obi are:

  • Amplify: Increase or decrease the volume of the audio contained in the selected item by a specified rate.
  • Normalize: Apply the constant amount of gain to the audio of the selected item so that the average and peak amplitudes are within the threshold of the audio file.
  • Speech rate: Compress or expand the audio content, to increase or decrease the rate at which it is played, by the specified times.
Audio processing dialog

Follow the steps listed below to perform audio processing:

  1. Select a section or a phrase. You can also select a range of phrases.
  2. Click Tools->Audio Processing on the menu. The Audio Processing dialog will appear.
  3. Select the function you wish to apply on the audio of the selected item from the combo box Process.
  4. In the edit box Set Parameter, Enter the parameter to be used for the selected audio processing function.

    Note that value of 1.0 means that the audio will remain unchanged,1.5 indicates 150% change, 2.0 indicates change of 200% and so on. Values below 1.0 will have corresponding negative impact on the audio. For example, if you choose Amplify process and set the parameter to 0.5, the audio loudness will be decreased by 50%.

  5. Click OK. Now you can playback the selected audio and see the impact of audio processing.

Note that this feature is in the preliminary stage currently, and will be enhanced in the future versions of Obi by using professional plug-ins (like VST) in the backend.

Audio processing on whole section

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