Adobe Digital Editions overview and Accessibility tips

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Adobe Digital Editions is a free application for reading publications in PDF and EPUB format. It is available on the Windows, Mac and iOS platforms. This article is about the Windows version of Adobe Digital Editions.

The features of Adobe Digital Editions include full EPUB 3 support including media overlays, full text search, full screen reading, bookmarking, highlighting, note taking as well as support for a number of languages. The accessibility support has greatly improved for screen reader and keyboard only users.

Adobe Digital Editions library view

Check out the following to know more about this reader.

Adobe Digital Editions can be used to read unprotected EPUB files from any source. In addition, books protected by the Adobe DRM (Digital Rights Management) including publications from the OverDrive service and books purchased from vendors such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Waterstone, and other booksellers can be read in Adobe Digital Editions. It has support for high contrast modes, re-sizing of book text and complete keyboard access to user interface.

Adobe Digital Editions is one of the few EPUB readers which provides support for hard coded page breaks (print pages) in the EPUB file. When the EPUB file has markup for such page breaks, the "Page List" appears in the Navigation pane as seen in the picture below.

Page List in Adobe Digital Editions

Some useful keystrokes

Ctrl+I Opens Item Info dialog box
Ctrl+L Switches to Library Mode
Ctrl+O Opens Add Item dialog box
Ctrl+R Opens book and Switches to Reading Mode
Ctrl+= Zooms in (for PDF documents) Increases font size (for EPUB documents)
Ctrl+- Zooms out (for PDF documents) Decreases font size (for EPUB documents)
F2 Renames bookmark or annotation in Bookmark Panel
Ctrl+F7 Opens the links window (For EPUB document)
Ctrl+Home, Shift+Ctrl+Page Up, Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow Goes to first page of document
Ctrl+End, Shift+Ctrl+Page Down, Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow Goes to last page of document
Ctrl+B Adds a bookmark at the top of current screen
Ctrl+Alt+C Collapses All items in TOC panel
Ctrl+Alt+E Expands All items in TOC panel
Ctrl+Shift+F Toggles full screen
Ctrl+F Moves keyboard focus to find control in toolbar
Ctrl+G Finds next instance of text in find control
Shift+Ctrl+G Finds previous instance of text in find control
Ctrl+Shift+H Shows/Hides page numbers
Ctrl+Shift+O Copies ebook to Digital Editions library
Ctrl+P Opens Print dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+P Opens Go to Page dialog box
Ctrl+T Shows/Hides Navigation Panel
Ctrl+W Go to Library
Ctrl+Shift+T Switch to Single-page, Double-page
Ctrl+Shift+K Start, Stop Playing Media Overlay

Note: If JAWS is launched, the Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys will be redefined for JAWS.


Left Arrow Says prior character
Right Arrow Says next character
Ctrl+Left Arrow Says prior word
Ctrl+Right Arrow Says next word
Up Arrow Says prior line
Down Arrow Says next line
Insert+Down Arrow Says all
Page Up Increases voice rate during Say All (JAWS Say All mode). Move to previous page (others)
Page Down Decreases voice rate during Say All (JAWS Say All mode). Move to next page (others)
Ctrl Interrupts speech
Insert+T Says window title
Insert+B Reads dialog box window from top to bottom
Insert+E (JAWS only) Says default button of dialog box

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