Accessible books, with or without speech synthesis

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Pratsam Producer is a solution for the production of accessible digital publications such as DAISY books, either with or without audio. Pratsam Producer supports the production of publications through speech synthesis. It is an excellent way to quickly and automatically produce accessible newspapers.

Pratsam Producer Workflow Illustration

Talking newspaper production workflow:

  • Newspaper. Input formats: XML, PDF, DTBook, text
  • XML quality report
  • Output: DAISY and EPUB (text and audio)
  • Speech synthesis lexicon support (corrected pronunciation lexicon)
  • Optional Microsoft Word post-editing
  • Scheduled production and publishing
  • Quality reports and processing logs

Automated processing of different file formats

With Pratsam Producer it is possible to import and manage different file formats, such as PDF or XML. Pratsam Producer sorts the essential elements into a database and then exports various formats from the database, such as XHTML, DTBook, EPUB or Microsoft Word documents. This enables an optional manual post-editing and control of content before a speech synthesis production to DAISY or EPUB with audio.

Pratsam Producer includes an advanced automatic comparison and verification of XML content versus PDF content, which is especially useful in regard to the quality control of accessible newspapers during automated production. The content can be stored on a daily basis for later use, which is useful when improving speech synthesis pronunciation.

Cloud service or dedicated service

Pratsam Producer can be delivered as a dedicated service or a cloud service. The service is easily scalable to different publication volumes.

Supports DAISY and EPUB production

Pratsam Producer supports DAISY and EPUB, the most common accessible formats used by visually impaired and other print disabled.

Go to Pratsam website to learn more.

Pratsam Server

Pratsam Server Description: Distribution of Content

Pratsam Server supports DAISY and DAISY Online. It replaces expensive solutions for the distribution of accessible books and newspapers such as the mailing of CDs or cassettes.

Distribution via the Internet is less expensive and quicker than mail. At the same time, online distribution is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

Scalable distribution with many options

Pratsam Server can deliver accessible books and newspapers in various formats to computers, mobile phones, tablets or other devices customized for the visually impaired, such as players supporting DAISY Online delivery. Users and books can be managed with various interfaces.

More information is provided on the Pratsam website.

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