The focal point in Malaysia was established in August 2004.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 9 - 13, 2004
Conducted by Miki Azuma and Christina Anne Lau
Assisted by Yoon Loong Wong


This training course focused on NCC only production and full text production. It was the request from the organizer to cover mainly on NCC only production and basics of full text production. At the beginning of the course, there were not many people who knew about DAISY and it was a good idea to spend a lot of time for NCC only production for those people to understand the basics of DAISY. Since the half of the trainees were visually impaired, the first 1/3 was dedicated to the usage of MyStudio PC.

Since only few people have worked on HTML, creation of the XHTML file was done after the first full text project with already prepared XHTML was created. This made them understand how full text project works. It was quite difficult for some people to understand fully about the basics of XHTML, CSS and MDF were not explicitly addressed.

Since the level of the trainees were different, it could have been pretty slow for some trainees and pretty fast for some trainees. However, at the end of the training course, most of the trainees finished at least 3 NCC only projects and 2 full text projects.

For this training course, Christina Lau who attended the International Trainer's Training last year took a part in the training. Also, Yoon Loong Wong helped visually impaired people for usage of the computer and also usage of the JAWS.

Basically, the training went quite well, however there was a problem with the computer and the production tool. It seemed like that there was a problem with the specification of the computer settings however the problem was not able to be solved during the training.

The evaluation summary is attached [dfafpt_evaluation_malaysia.txt].

The course outline follows.

Course Outline

Course Objectives and Overview
Introduction to DAISY Digital Talking Books
  • Introduction to The DAISY Consortium
  • DTB functionality overview
  • Playback tools overview
DAISY DTB Production
  • Recap: DTB types
  • Production tools overview
NCC-Only DTB Production
  • MyStudio PC
    • Main screen overview and functions
    • Project set up
    • Recording a ToC book project with MyStudio PC
    • MyStudio PC: Text to Speech
    • Practice: produce DAISY 2.02 NCC (type 2) book
  • Sigtuna DAR 3
    • Main screen overview and functions
    • Project set up
    • Recording
    • Editing
    • Cleanup
    • Build/compress, compression
    • Practice: Produce DAISY 2.02 NCC (type 2) book
    • Quality Assurance (QA Player)
Full Text DTB Production
  • Sigtuna DAR 3 Workflow
  • Practice: Source Document creation
Sigtuna DAR 3: Producing a Full Text DAISY DTB
  • Project set up
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Practice direct recording
  • Produce DAISY 2.02 book
  • Practice source creation
  • Practice creating a project with wave import
  • Audio Compression
  • Using external encoder
Introduction to XHTML
Overview XHTML DTD
Daisy 2.02 Validator
Review, Questions and Answers