The focal point in Indonesia was established in March 2006.

Jakarta, Indonesia
December 6 - 10, 2006
Conducted by Nur Ichsan and Miki Azuma
Group Photo at Focal Point Training in Indonesia
Group photo at Focal Point Training in Indonesia


The training was undertaken with the aim of achieving the following goals:

  • Ability of participants to use DAISY production tools to create DAISY 2.02 digital talking books
  • Ability of participants to create DAISY 2.02 files


  • Some exposure to or familiarity with, or knowledge of DAISY.


  • Understanding of the scope, usability and functionality of the DAISY technology
  • Understanding of basic XHTML
  • Understanding of NCC-Only and Full-text production workflow, techniques and tools
  • Understanding of the DAISY DTB fileset
During the Training #1 - Opening
During the Training #1 - Opening


During the Training #2 - Ichsan lecturing
During the Training #2 - Ichsan lecturing

This training course focused on NCC only production using MyStudio PC and Sigtuna DAR 3 and full text production using Sigtuna DAR 3.

There were 13 participants including 3 visually impaired in this training representing 8 different organizations. The training was conducted for 5 days.

Most of the participants were able to create at least 3 different DTBs during this training. For the final project, participants were given the document to work on and produced either NCC only project or Full text project. At the end of the training, all participants presented their final projects.

The training was mainly conducted by Nur Ichsan from Mitra Netra Foundation who participated in the International Trainer's Training in May 2006. It was great that he made review of the day in Indonesian and presented it every morning. It really helped participants. These reviews were put into the training materials and distributed at the end of the training with other materials.

During the Training #3
During the Ttraining #3


At the end of the training, all the participants received CD. The contents of the CD follows;

  • Resource CD containing Training Materials, Sample Books, and Software (Playback and related software) and participants projects
During the Training #4
During the Training #4


With this report, there are three documents attached.

  1. Report on DFA Focal Point Training in Indonesia by Nur Ichsan [Report on DFA Focal Point Training in Indonesia.doc]
  2. List of the participants [participants_list_fpt_indonesia_200612.html]
  3. Readme for Resource CD [readme.html] (links do not work)

Course Outline

  • Introduction of the Trainees & Trainers
  • Course Goals, Prerequisites and Outcomes
  • Course Documentation
Introduction to DAISY Digital Talking Books
  • The DAISY Consortium
  • DTB functionality overview
  • User groups and use scenarios overview
  • Playback tools overview
DAISY DTB Production
  • DAISY DTB Production Tools
  • Workflow and Project Management
NCC-Only DTB Production
  • Book Structure, Brief overview
  • Introduction to MyStudio PC
    • Create ToC only book: "About Myself"
    • Direct Recording in MyStudio PC
    • Editing
    • Build Book
    • Create ToC only book using Text Import "Introduction to DAISY"
    • Create ToC only book using Audio Import "Quoran"
  • Sigtuna DAR 3
    • Main screen overview and functions
    • Project set up
    • Phrase detection & Recording settings
    • Audio calibration
    • Recording
    • Editing
    • Project Cleanup
    • Metadata
    • Quality Assurance (QA Player)
    • add page
    • Wave Import
Introduction to XHTML
  • The XHTML language; hands on practice markup and validation
  • The different elements
  • The prologue or the header
Sigtuna DAR 3: Producing a Full Text DAISY DTB
  • Project set up using Bruno
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Audio Compression
  • Export (Build a project)
  • Encoding all the projects
DTB Validation
  • DAISY 2.02 Validator
  • Validation of all projects
CD creation and Playback in different software
  • CD creation
    • discinfo.html
    • Multi-volume CD
Final Project Presentation
Review, Questions and Answers
Filling up of Evaluation Forms