DAISY Pipeline: Using the Narrator to transform a DTBook xml file to a DAISY book

Original Author(s): Olaf Mittelstaedt

This will get you a DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 book narrated with synthetic voice if you have such a voice (TTS) residing on your hard drive.

Input required: a valid(!) DTBook (DAISY XML) file


Ctrl + N (or click: New Job Wizard)(you can find all keyboard shortcuts by Ctrl + Shift + L)

choose=>Create and Distribute=>DAISY Book=>TTS Narrator (DAISY XML to DAISY Book)

Image of Pipeline wizard with highlighted path to TTS Narrator


Here you need browse for the path to your *.xml DTBook file as Input


do the same for your output directory

Image of Pipeline configuration window with highlited Parameters

Then there are Optional Parameters:

  • DTBook fix: If you are sure of the validity of your xml then there is no need to choose this.

  • Apply sentence detection: This will increase local navigation possibilities for the end user

  • Multi-language support: If there are different languages present in the DTBook AND you have synthetic voices (TTS[link:FAQ]) installed that support those languages, this should be ticked.

  • MP3 Bitrate: there are several choices that influence the quality of the compressed audio, the higher the bit rate, the better the quality but the larger the file. [link:FAQ]

  • 2.02 href target: The Pipeline Narrator will automatically produce two DAISY Books: one in DAISY 2.02 and another in DAISY 3 (ANSI39.86). IF for any reason you intend to open the DAISY 2.02 book with SIGTUNA (an authoring software) afterwards you should choose "txt" here.

Image of Pipeline configuration window with highlited Parameters

After all this is done, hit 'Finish' and wait to be congratulated for a valid, synthetically narrated book as can be seen in the last lines of the Messages box:

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