DAISY Pipeline: From DTBook to DAISY 2.02 file set

Original Author(s): Olaf Mittelstaedt

This transformation is used to convert a Save as DAISY derived *.xml (DTBook) to a DAISY 2.02 file set that then is ready for recording with human voice. As the production environment of most DAISY members is geared for studio recording with software that handles 2.02 file sets this transformer comes very handy since not only the advantages of DAISY editing in Save as DAISY can be used, but the source DTBook file can be used to transform to other output formats such as Braille and EPub, for example. Thus being true to the DAISY mantra: one source file - many output formats.

Input required: a valid(!) DTBook (DAISY XML) file


Ctrl + N (or click: New Job Wizard)(you can find all keyboard shortcuts by Ctrl + Shift + L)

choose=>Create and Distribute=>DAISY Book=>Daisy 2.02 Text-Only Fileset Generator (from DTBook)

Image of Pipeline wizard with highlighted path to Daisy 2.02 Text-Only Fileset Generator

As before you now browse for the path to your *.xml file and select a path for your new DAISY 2.02 file set.

There are Optional Parameters:

  • DTBook fix: might be a good idea, it prevents you from having to do that in case you encounter errors

  • Output encoding: best left at 'utf-8'

  • Identifier: If your book doesn’t already have one, include it now

  • Abbreviation and acronym detection: If you have used that function in Save as DAISY you should tick this box

  • Sentence detection: This will increase local navigation possibilities for the end user

  • Word detection: This will further increase local navigation possibilities for the end user, but is mostly used for special books

  • href Targets: If you intend to record your book with Sigtuna you MUST select ‘text’

Image of Pipeline configuration window with highlited Parameters

Then hit ‘Next’ and run the transformer with Ctrl + F1

The resultant DAISY 2.02 file set is now ready to be opened by a DAISY 2.02 authoring software

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