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CSUN 2015: Selection of Sessions led by DAISY Consortium Members, Friends and Supporters

The 2015 CSUN Conference is only couple days away. We encourage you to find DAISY Friends and Members in the Exhibit Hall and attend the following sessions:

Bookshare: Find a Compatible Reading Tool

We often receive inquiries about various tools students can use to read Bookshare books. Fortunately, Bookshare provides several reading options. Students can choose from free reading tools that let them find and read books directly within the tool, or explore other reading tools developed by trusted partners.

Tutorial: Using the Darwin Reader app for Android Devices

An informative tutorial Using Darwin Reader app for Android Devices has been posted to the NNELS website. These directions require that you have Darwin Reader already installed on your device. Darwin Reader is available from the Google Play store as a 30-day free trial or full version ($14.95).

Making Publications Accessible for Those Who Can't Read Print

Standard printed publications are not accessible to people with visual impairments. Many other groups of readers are not able to use traditional printed books, newspapers and magazines - including those with dyslexia, motor disabilities or age related macular degeneration. Many popular eBook formats do not provide full accessibility for all users.

In order to be fully accessible, a digital publication should have the following features:

From a Passive Provider to a Proactive Educator

Among China's 17 million blind people, around 10 percent are estimated to know Braille. For the rest, hearing is their only way to access books.

Hongdandan is a Beijing-based nonprofit that "provides cultural products through voice" and records audiobooks. Founded in 2003, the organization started out as a provider of broadcast training to the blind.

The Floe Project: Inclusive EPUB Resources

The Floe project participants have created an EPUB 3 resource (handbook) that exemplifies best practices for developing accessible publications in EPUB format.

The following accessibility features are covered:

Update: The Transforming Braille Project

In November 2011, as Chair of RNIB, Kevin Carey with a goal to make braille devices more affordable, gathered together a core group of colleagues from:

Jim Fruchterman shares his ideas on social open source product development

Jim: "Within our Global Literacy Program, we offer Go Read, a free, accessible Android eBook reader optimized for people with vision impairments. It allows users to read accessible eBooks, which we make available via Bookshare library, on a variety of Android tablets and phones. Open source volunteers based Go Read on the open source FBReader project, and then our staff completed the production version.

Talking newspapers and Vision Australia's dedicated volunteers

Michael Ward of Vision Australia (DAISY Consortium Member) recently had lunch with dedicated volunteers. He presented them with 20-year badges and demonstrated the DAISY player that is now used to access recordings of the Guardian and other newspapers. The recordings now come on CDs as well as downloads, and the DAISY player makes it possible to jump to different sections, skip ahead in stories, and even alter the playback speed.

Rosenfeld Media: Bring it to market in the format that makes sense

Rosenfeld Media is focused on user experience design as its subject. Its most recent book, A Web for Everyone, is a publication about incorporating accessibility principles into website design from the start, so that your site works everywhere. It is their first book to come out in DAISY in addition to other formats. Its electronic distribution is now handled through a partnership with O’Reilly Media.


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