AMIS Software Development

Visit our software development homepage.

AMIS is an MFC application written in C++. It incorporates third-party tools such as Ambulant, DirectX, and Internet Explorer. A major feature of AMIS is that it was designed to be able to be translated into many languages, including for the spoken user interface.

AMIS is open source software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License aka LGPL. The source code is available on our development site, as are instructions on how to build AMIS. You may use, modify, and distribute AMIS in a commercial or non-commercial setting. We do ask that any changes you make to our current code are shared with us so that we may incorporate your improvements and in turn, share them with all of our users.

We would love to hear how you're using AMIS and we're happy to help you to understand how it is put together, so feel free to ask a question on our forum or by emailing us directly.